Your goodness is so great!

I was reading in Psalm this morning and wholly mac. check it:

Psalm 31

(vs 1)

O Lord, I have come to You for protection; don’t let me be put to shame.

Reseuce me, for You always do what is right.

The Lord does what is right. always.

trust your day (and future) to the Lord. (easier said than done but….)

He always does what is right and best. always.

(vs 2)

Bend down and listen to me;

resuce me quickly.

Be for me a great rock of safety,

a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me.

Be for me….I. katie. need Him to BE for me.  HE is what i need. nothing else will or can take God’s spot. I. Need. God. period.

(vs 3-5)

You are my rock and my fortress.

for the honor of Your name, lead me

out of this peril.

Pull me from the trap my enemies set for me,

for I find protection in You alone.

I entrust my spirit into Your hand.

rescue me, Lord, for You are a faithful God.



all that i am. i give and trust it to Him. my thoguhts, motives, words, actions, everything! i trust Him with all because He is faithful. and He always does what is right.

(vs 6-7)

I hate those who worship worthless idols.

I trust in the Lord.

I am overcome with joy because of Your unfailing love,

for You have seen my troubles,

and You care about the anguish of my soul.

overcome. asking Him to overwhelm me with joy. His unfailing love. HELLO!

the Father is sooooo good!!! He knows and CARES about the troubles in our lives. even the LITTLE things.

(vs 19)

Your goodness is so great!

You have stored up great blessings for those who honor You.

You have done so much for those who come to You for protection,

blessing them before the watching world.

Hello! FOR REAL. His goodness is SO great!!!!

(vs 20-21)

You hide them in the shelter of Your presence,

safe from those who conspire against them.

You shelter them in Your presence,

far from accusing tongues.

Praise the Lord,

for He has shown me His unfailing love.

He kept me safe when my city was under attack.

How fantastic. to be hidden in the shelter of the Lord’s presence. how amazing and wonderful!!

(vs 23-24)

Love the Lord, all you faithful ones!

for the Lord protects those who are loyal to Him,

but He harshly punishes all who are arrogant.

So be strong and take courage,

all you who put your hope in the Lord!

(: what can i say, God is good. wayyy too good!